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Eco-Plon Volcanic Minerals®

We have various mineral compositions in our product, which we select depending on your expectations

Universal composition

Eco-Plon Volcanic Minerals® is natural, ecological, and rich in macro and micronutrients. It increases the quality of crops, causes intensive root development, strengthens plant growth, protects the plant against wilting and drying out

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Fruit and vegetables

Eco-Plon Volcanic Minerals® gives products an intense flavor and color, thus improving the quality of products. It increases the volume of crops and additionally extends the shelf life and quality of stored fruit and vegetables.

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Eco-Plon Volcanic Minerals® causes an above-average development of the root system and green lawn. Thanks to the right composition, it increases plant resistance to diseases. The minerals contained within affect the intensity of lawn growth, and reduce the growth of weeds and mosses. In addition, they strengthen against freezing and water shortage. The grass is dense and has a very intense color.

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Root crops

Eco-Plon Volcanic Minerals® causes intensive root development, enhances plant growth, and protects plants against drying out and mild drying. It regulates the mineral balance of the soil and increases plant growth. It strengthens the grain against settling and forms lumpy soil, which makes it more aerated. This process allows plants to absorb macro and micronutrients more easily. It increases efficiency while increasing resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.

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Eco-Plon Volcanic Minerals® increases the growth and activity of microorganisms, improves the color and flavor of corn, and increases the resistance of corn to biotic stress. The yields are juicy in color and flavor. It is very easy to absorb for plants and offers the possibility of nourishing plants throughout the entire growing season. It stimulates the absorption of nutrients from the soil, increasing the yield from 5% to 30%.

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Potted and decorative plants

The most important micro and macro elements supplied by Eco-Plon Volcanic Minerals® to the product ensure healthy plant growth and, at the same time, increase resistance to pests and pathogens.

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Eco-Plon Volcanic Minerals® strengthens the grain against settling and creates lumpy soil, thanks to which the soil is better oxygenated and allows for better absorption of macro and microelements. It increases efficiency and resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.

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Eco-Plon Volcanic Minerals® regulates the mineral balance of the soil and has a positive effect on the taste of plant products. Grape juice takes on an intense color.

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